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Personal Information Protection Policy

Established on January 5th, 2001

Revised on April 1st, 2015

1. Basic Policy toward the protection of customers’ personal information

  • 1As a solution provider, Mitsui E&S Systems Research Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”) has been involved in numerous system development activities. Continual developments of interactive networks, social media and digital system innovations have involved ever greater exchange of personal information. In this context, we endeavor to preserve the privacy of all our customers.
  • 2We understand that it is an important social obligation of an enterprise to comply with Personal Information Protection Law in Japan and regulations regarding personal information.
  • 3We shall comply with the “JIS Q 15001:2006” (Requirements for Compliance Program on PI Protection) and “Personal Information Protection Guidelines Revision 4” by JISA. Also, we have established and implemented a compliance program within the company and will stay informed of any revisions to the laws and take necessary courses of action when required.

2. Policy regarding obtaining personal information and its handling

  • 1Identifying purpose of use and obtaining through a lawful and fair manner
  • We will, when obtaining personal information for business expansion, identify the purpose of use and obtain in lawful and fair manner. We will not obtain and handle it without prior consent of the customer, or use it beyond the stated purposes of its use.
  • 2 Safety management system
  • We will maintain the accuracy of the personal information we obtain, and establish safety management system in order to prevent any illegal access to, and/or lose of that information. Also, we properly oversea and manage an agency or subcontractor who may handle the personal information.
  • 3Providing and/or sharing use of personal information to third parties
  • Without prior consent of customers, we will never provide personal information to third parties. In the case of sharing use of personal information, we will notice the customer conditions required by law in advance.
  • 4Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and complaints
  • Our Personal information protection consultation service will respond to any and all requests regarding disclosure, correction, deletion, and suspension of use. They will take appropriate measures under the law. For complaints regarding personal information, they shall take rapid and proper actions.  

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