Handling of Personal Information Policy

In order to make an application or inquiry, some information such as your name and address are required.
Please carefully read our “Handling Personal Information Policy” statement. If you agree, please click the “Agree” button.
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“Handling of Personal Information Policy” confirmation

Mitsui E&S Systems Research Inc. (hereinafter we or us) endeavor to properly manage your personal information based on our “Personal Information Protection Policy”. We do our utmost to preserve the privacy of all our customers.

With your prior consent, you personal information shall be required. When you are about to submit personal information, you will be asked to give your consent to our conditions and policies.

We keep a record of which domains you access this site from. The records may be used to analyze overall access trends. After that, the records will be discarded.

When personal information is provided to other companies’ websites, which link to our website, we will not be responsible and cannot guarantee your privacy.

Conditions for the use of personal information

  • ・ When corresponding with, contacting, meeting with, and/or making a contract in response to requests from customers.
  • ・ When sending brochures or catalogs for events, seminars, or exhibitions held by us.
  • ・ When introducing in commercial manner any and all products, services, etc. that we provide.
  • ・ When conducting a survey through questionnaires.

Subcontracting and shared use of personal information

  1. (1)Subcontracting personal information
    We may subcontract business related to personal information in whole or in part. Also, we may subcontract the handling of personal information to a subcontracting agency in order to accomplish our objectives. In this case, we appoint an agency, which satisfies our selection standard, and sign contract which stipulates the handling and storing personal information in an appropriate manner.
  2. (2)Sharing use of personal information
    With prior consent of customers, we may share customers’ personal information (such as name, company name, departments, phone or fax number, or e-mail address) with our group business or partner companies. In this case, we sign a contract with the group business or partner companies regarding the appropriate handling and managing of the information.

Providing or disclosing of personal information to third parties

We shall never provide or disclose personal information to third parties without customers’ consent. In the case of providing or disclosing information with prior consent of customers, we properly oversea and manage the third party. Except for the conditions listed below:

  • ・ When required by law.
  • ・ When protecting personal life, health, or property in an emergency situation,
    but it is difficult to receive permission from the customer.
  • ・ To improve public hygiene or to help the development of children,
    but it is difficult to receive permission from the customer.
  • ・ When required to cooperate with national organizations or local government activities. Also, when disclosing its purpose to, or receiving agreement from, customers could interrupt the governmental activities.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion of personal information

Please contact the person in charge of Personal Information Protection or the Complaints Desk with “Personal Information Disclosure Request Form” for disclosure, correction, suspension of use or deletion of personal information. After verifying the request is from a legitimate customer or agent, we shall rapidly fulfill the request.

Inquiries, advices, or complaints regarding personal information

Please contact the person, to whom you submitted your personal information to, for inquiries, advices, or complaints regarding your personal information. If the contact person is unclear, then please contact below:

Personal Information Protection Consultation Service
General Affairs & Personal Department Manager